The company was established 60 years ago as a tooling and die-making workshop aimed at all types of industries, stamping getting under way at the Mutilva facility in 1976 with the manufacture of mass-produced stamped parts.

In 1999, we were stamping 450 different parts “just in time” and supplying 3250 subassemblies ready for assembly. Since then, quality has been the maxim that has guided our work, being the first company in the sector to obtain ISO 9002 certification. Sixty years on and the firm is still notching up milestones along the path of evolution and progress.

The company’s main milestones


The company is established as a tooling and die-making workshop.


Starts component stamping.


First welding robot installed.


Installation of the first transfer press.
First stamping company to obtain ISO 9002.


New stamping/tooling buildings.


First Laser Welder. First stamped aluminium part.

Estampaciones Mayo

Estampaciones Mayo